• Private FBO with Two Hangars


We are pleased to offer this special and unique FEE SIMPLE – SOLE SOURCE FBO acquisition opportunity located nearby the major and vibrant Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Landings Aviation, established just a few years ago, is now available for immediate FEE SIMPLE – SOLE SOURCE FBO acquisition to a qualified purchaser.

This sale consists of the Landings Aviation FBO business, an FBO services operation, aircraft fueling, and aircraft hangars. Landings Aviation serves the nearby Jackson WY and Jackson Hole Resort area, and all local Alpine Airpark residents and their 114 currently registered aircraft, including 42 Jet turbine aircraft and 8 helicopters.

This is a rare and unique FEE SIMPLE acquisition opportunity – No ground leases. In addition Wyoming has neither a corporate income tax nor a personal income tax and may be the most income tax-friendly state in the country.

This unique 3.5 acre property in Alpine Air park also has the potential to be an incredible fly-in private residence.  It already has two Hangers. A 63’ x 135’ /18.5’ door and a 60’ x 80’/18.5’ door for multiple planes and all the toys one could imagine.  The newly built 1800 sq ft FBO building could easily be converted in guest quarters and or a pilots lounge.  With 3.5 acres there is still plenty of room to construct a new luxury home to go with all the existing improvements. To top it off you can fuel all your planes on site at a huge discount.


  • State of the Art 5,827‘ x 70’ Runway

  • Pilot-controlled lighting

  • WX AWOS, Public GPS, LNAV, RPV, and circle-to-land approach

  • No congestion, slot delays, or airspace restrictions

  • Year-round convenience and accessibility


Landings Aviation provides an opportunity for an attractive return investment. Future revenue includes the following:

  • Fuel Sales - Jet A and AvGas
  • Fuel Flowage Fees (100% to Landings Aviation)
  • Tie Down / Facility Fee
  • FBO Office Rental
  • Hanger Rental
  • Hanger Sub-Rental
  • Hanger Sub-Rental / Residents
  • Vehicle Parking Fees
  • Management Fee from Airport Owner
  • Association Fees
  • Residential Mgt and Services Fees for Residents

Hangar Sources of Revenue
Hangar H-1 is currently leased through June 30, 2029 and has an escalation clause effective July 1, 2024. The rent is $5,800 per month triple net.

Hangar H-2 lease ends July 2020 and is month-to-month there after. Lease amount in $2,800 per month triple net.

Future Sources of Additional Revenue
Future Hangar development – H-3, H-4 and H-5 is not included in this initial Landings Aviation FBO offering. However further details can be provided upon request.

In addition Alpine Airport and Landings Aviation continue to solicit new business for 46U which benefits Landings Aviation. Hangar and tie-down availability at JAC is extremely limited and at significantly higher cost to users. Continued strong interest from aircraft owners and operators seeking services and space at Landings Aviation are received on a continuing basis.

Location and Airport Metrics

Alpine Airport – 46U, Lincoln County, Wyoming
Alpine Airport is located only 37 miles southwest of Jackson, Wyoming and encompasses over 100 acres. It has evolved into a successful boutique airport serving the greater Jackson and Jackson Hole Wyoming resort areas.

Alpine Wyoming is also conveniently only 94 miles from Yellowstone National Park.

Advantages of owning and operating the SOLE SOURCE FBO at Alpine Airport are numerous – Alpine Airport is a private airport open to the public and provides a very advantageous alternative to the high cost and limited space at Jackson (JAC) Airport.

Alpine Airport is never congested- no airspace restrictions – no traffic or slot delays.

Alpine Airport’s brand new state-of-the-art facilities coupled with its runway length of 5,827 x 70 ft allow convenient access up to any MEDIUM jet sized aircraft operating in the world today.

Ramp area consisting of concrete aircraft parking and asphalt taxiway weight capacity is 80,000 lbs SINGLE WHEEL, 160,000 LBS DUAL WHEEL.

Alpine Airport has pilot controlled lighting, WX AWOS. Public GPS LNAV, RPV, and circle to land approach for both Runway 13 and 31.

FBO Executive Terminal and Exciting New Hangars

  • FBO Terminal Building

    Brand new 1,800 ± sf two (2) story, fully furnished.

  • Second floor office area of the FBO

    In demand as rental office space – a tenant lease is available to new owner.

  • Hangar H-1

    8,500 ± sf / 63’ X 135’ / 18.5 ± ft door height. Hangar H-1 is currently leased through June 30, 2029 and has an escalation clause effective July 1, 2024.

  • Hangar H-2

    4,800 ± sf / 60’ X 80’ / 18.5 ± ft door height. Hangar H-2 is currently leased through 2021.

Potential Development

Exciting Potential Expansion Opportunity

Hangar H-3, H-4 and H-5 – Development potential for Hangars H-3, H-4 and H-5 requires acquisition of additional adjacent 1.4 ± acres fee simple land – at additional cost if available at time of acquisition.

The site highlighted below is the only available commercially zoned parcel at Alpine Airport and is approximately 1.4 acres and can accommodate the following:

H-3 – 4,900 ± sf / 70’ X 70’ / 18.5 ± ft door height
H-4 – 4,900 ± sf / 70’ X 70’ / 18.5 ± ft door height
H-5 – 5,600 ± sf / 70’ X 80’ / 18.5 ± ft door height
Total 15,400 ± sf .

Potential development of this parcel requires separate acquisition.

Fuel Farm

Fuel Farm Ground Lease
The fuel farm ground is leased from Alpine Airpark for 33 years with an option for an additional 20 year lease. With the 20 year option, 33 years remain. The initial 20 year term has been prepaid.

Fuel Farm
Exclusive rights until July 2033.

JetA – 12,000 gal below ground.
AvGas – 5,000 gal above ground (new as of October 2018).

Self Serve for BOTH AvGas and JetA available.

Please contact us for additional development opportunities, site plans. Detailed financial information is available to qualified buyers with a signed “Non-Disclosure Agreement”.

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